1/16/24 - Harvest Moon
I am thrilled to share my rendition of 'Harvest Moon' with you. This classic Neil Young track holds a special place in my heart, and I poured my soul into bringing its essence to life. Collaborating with talented musicians like Shawn Fitcher, Mark Evitts, Jamie Anderson and Alison Prestwood was an absolute honor, and their contributions enriched the song's tapestry. Join me in embracing the warmth and nostalgia of 'Harvest Moon' as we journey through the golden hues of fall together. Harvest Moon is out now.


12/05/23 - Peaceful Easy Feeling
When life gets a bit too hectic, there's one song that always brings me back to center – 'Peaceful Easy Feeling' by the Eagles. So, I teamed up with some amazing musicians – Shawn Fitcher, Jon Conley, Alison Prestwood and of course Stefano Capobianco – to give it our own spin. Their talents added layers of depth to our rendition, and I can't wait for you to hear it. Let's press play, unwind, and find some peace in the midst of it all. Peaceful Easy Feeling is out now!



Today is the Day!! My new record "Chasing A Dream" is OUT!! Find it on all streaming platforms and right here on my website!! Give it a listen, add it to your library, download it. Purchase it and download here!

Hope Y'all like it!




Alright!! My new music video for "Time Won't Heal" is OUT NOW!! You can find it here in the Video Page and on my YouTube channel. 

"Time Won't Heal" tells the story of undying love. Directed by Patrick Johnson / August Pictures.

I would like to thank a few people for helping make this video possible. A huge THANK YOU to Brian Crary and Lisa Crary for letting us use their cabin! Also, a huge THANK YOU to Director Patrick Johnson for his expertise in all things film & lighting (also his patience!). To Taylor Johnson (Patrick's wife) for keeping everything on track and making sure continuity and playback was in order! Thank you also too Corbin Green for letting me borrow his Nova! And of course, Thank you to Neely O'Brien Green for being my beautiful co-star. So happy you said "Yes!". And last but not least, I want to thank my girl Ame Van Iden for supporting me in this adventure of making this video and throughout the process of recording my new album!

So! I hope you enjoy it! Share it far and wide! And don't forget to add or download my new record coming out January 28th!!


Peace and Love, Jon




I'm happy to announce my new record is done!!  

The release will be in January 2022. I'm really appreciative of my friends for helping me record this group of songs. It was effortless!! Sending the sessions from studio to studio, Nashville to Los Angeles and back. 

With a little help from my friends............

Shawn Fichter on Drums & percussion. Jamie Anderson on Bass, guitars, keyboards, & backing vocals. Kenny Greenberg on Guitars. Stefano Capobianco on Guitars & backing vocals. I played Guitars, keyboard & Vocals

I've put song previews up on the website for a short time for you to listen. It will be available for download in January 2022.

A few different influences helped spark the writing of these 7 songs. The Beatles, Eagles, Elliot Smith and Tom Petty. We shot our first music video for the song "Time Won't Heal"! Patrick Johnson directed and did a fantastic job!!

I'm excited for y'all to hear my new record!!

Look for updates on record release, video release and shows in Nashville, Los Angeles and Boston. 

Much love and appreciation,





Welcome to 2021!!
The new year brings in a new lot of music cues ready for release in the next few weeks. Also, since being in lockdown for most of 2020, I've written a bunch of new songs and have been working on producing and recording a new record! Something that I've been aching to do for a while and the lockdown, during this pandemic, has given me the time to focus on writing and recording. 

Scroll through the menu and learn more about me & Lucky 13 Music and listen to some MUSIC!!

I'll keep updating as 2021 rolls on, Keep Rockin" !!!